carmen chung sydney software engineer ex-lawyer

Software Engineer. Famous for breaking everyone's code. Enjoys building ridiculous side projects.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws (with Honors) from the University of New South Wales, before working internationally as a corporate lawyer for seven years. In 2017, I had a late 20s identity crisis discovered my passion for coding after being awarded the Women in Tech Scholarship to study at Coder Academy in Sydney, Australia.

I currently work as a fullstack Software Engineer at Valiant Finance, and in my spare time, you can find me building amusing side projects, teaching stretch classes, and fostering rescue dogs.

Finally, don't challenge me to drinking games. Seriously. Don't. Someone will get hurt.



Digital Marketer's Portfolio Website

Built a responsive portfolio website from scratch with HTML, CSS & Javascript, and deployed on Netlifly. Implemented WebP images for faster loading speed, and Google Analytics for digital marketing.


Dance Studio Landing Page

Built a responsive landing page from scratch with HTML, CSS & Javascript. Implemented WebP images for faster loading speed, HotJar video recording to analyse user interaction, and Google Analytics for digital marketing.


Web Scraper

Built a command line web scraper in Ruby to compare the price of dog treats on various online pet stores using two Ruby libraries: open-uri and nokogiri. Selects only treats that are the correct size for my dog and calculates the price per 100 g for more accurate comparison.


Two Sided Marketplace

Built a two sided marketplace called Clean Nest using Ruby on Rails, where customers can book verified cleaners to clean residential premisess, and cleaners can be booked and paid through the platform. Includes location based search using the Google Maps / Places API, and a review system.


Instagram Auto Engagement Bot

Customised and deployed an Instagram engagement script in Python with Headless Chrome that runs every hour (using Heroku Scheduler), creating a bot that interacts with people on Instagram. Instagram following and engagement for these accounts has risen drastically as a result.


Google SEO Bot

Built from scratch a script in Node JS with Headless Chrome that searches for specific keywords in Google, finds a particular website, and engages with that website (by scrolling down pages, clicking on links etc). Deployed to run every 10 minutes on Heroku Scheduler. Google SEO ranking of these websites has risen drastically as a result.


Reduce memory consumption in ruby on rails applications with jemalloc

How we halved our memory consumption in Rails with jemalloc (and how you can too!)

Ever noticed that your Rails app is consuming more memory while getting slower? I discuss how switching from malloc to jemalloc saved us memory and sped us up (and how it's really easy to implement).

How to use webp images to make websites load fast

How to make your website load lightning fast with WebP images

Not sure how to make your website load lightning fast? I'll show you step-by-step how to use WebP images to make your website load 2x faster- and boost your conversion rates.

Why you think your Gmail account was hacked

Why You Think Your Gmail Account Was Hacked (and what you should be doing about it)

On Saturday morning, I woke up to find a number of spam-looking emails in my gmail account inbox…sent by me. Only, I hadn't sent any of these.

What i learned during my software engineering internship at Valiant Finance

What I learned during my software engineering internship

Here are the top 10 things I learned during my coding bootcamp internship at Valiant Finance, in Sydney, Australia.